We leverage the power of nature

to improve your child's 

executive functioning.

Helping your child be calm, cooperative and confident is our number one goal.

Founding Members group begins November 1st

Activities in nature are a proven way to develop executive function skills

In our monthly parent trainings you will learn how executive function skills develop throughout life and their impact on long-term success and happiness.  This will allow you to monitor your child's skill development

Get support in engaging your child in fun activities that maximize the natural surroundings for a holistic way to develop new skills. Support is needed to help parents move along with their kids as they develop new abilities.

You can use the weekly guided therapeutic activities to supplement an existing therapy program or provide a starting place to support your child at a fraction of the cost of weekly therapy.

Become a more confident and calm parent when you know that you can make a difference one hour and one week at a time.  Learn as you go and support your child each step of the way.

What Are You Waiting For? Make a real change Now!

Here's why a Natural Connection makes all the difference

Are you one of the parents still wondering if this will work for your child?  Many children with executive function challenges do not have a diagnosis and are left struggling.  Our Approach provides the support, training and step by step skill building process to help you and your child be successful.  It's a great start and all natural.  We have an easy monthly subscription, so that you can get started right away.  Take part in our seasonal challenges and get access to the first month for only $1, what do you have to lose?

Great, but are you wondering how much time the activities will take?  Lots of families are concerned how much time they will need to complete the activities and see results.  Well, we designed the Guided Therapeutic Activities with busy families in mind.  After all, we're parents ourselves and run a busy private practice too!  We recommend dedicating one hour per week to completing the activity and using the provided processing questions and printables to support skill development throughout the week.  If you have more time, you can use the modified suggestions to complete the activity again for more success,  take a deep dive into our provided trainings or mini courses..

If you love the idea of helping your child through nature, but you worry because your kid won't put down their device and go outside! What should you do?  Lots of kids enjoy time spent on screens and lots of screen time may even be required for school work.  Getting outside can provide a nice break for the eyes and brain.  The first step is going outside with your child and the simple activities that are provided foster this special time with your child.  Over time, we help your child build a love of nature and the ability to play more independently outside.  A win for everyone!

Lastly, we have had a few parents worry that they don't have the skills to help their child- after all they are not a therapist!  Don't worry that is why we have designed the Guided Therapeutic Activities with parents in mind.  There are step by step instructions, safety alerts, video and photo examples and processing questions to help with discussions.  The Natural Connection Approach is a whole method of building connection, using nature based activities and step by step skills building.  It is a great option for parents who want to supplement their therapy program or for those who are unable to access quality nature-based therapy in their local community.  The Natural Connection Approach is not a therapy service or medical service and we do not provide medical services online.  If you would like to work with us in person, check out our private practice at Epona Therapy Services.

What some of our successful parents are saying

This motivated my son to explore nature without realizing that he is learning coping and physical skills.

Judy Frank- son 8yo with ADHD

My kids loved the program and I loved that I could do it with them.  My younger son is still talking about the activities.

Marissa Welks- sons 5yo and 8yo

The weekly guided activities have allowed me to connect with my daughter and watch her build skills to become more confident and independent at home and school.

The Blums- 10yo daughter with anxiety

how much does the program cost?

Three ways to invest in your child's future


The simplest way to get started today and build skills month by month with our activities and parent support.



Get the whole training program with access to all the support calls, trainings and weekly activities


Exclusive VIP Membership

Get the support you and your child need with additional monthly group coaching, weekly office hours, social skills mini-course and nature based activities



You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, our program doesn't work for you or your child, you can get a full refund anytime within the first 90 days. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

A few gifts with your enrollment

Beat the Heat Play Guide

Perfect for making the most out of summer and a great addition to our Guided Therapeutic Activities.  Keep cool this summer while still getting outside.

Founding Members BONUS

Get started with as a Founding Member with a 1:1 private coaching call with the therapy team behind the Natural Connection Approach.  This 1:1 coaching call offer will only be available to first 10 founding members.

simple and easy.

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Our Story

Hiking in Arizona

Gina and Ryan are a husband and wife team of pediatric occupational therapy providers.  They are committed to helping families work together with their children through nature to make amazing gains in cooperation, independence and success at home and school.  They work with families in person in New Jersey and have shared their knowledge and skills in national conferences, professional continuing education and podcasts.  Now, they have build an amazing support network online for families who want a natural approach to helping their children.