Meet your team

Ryan and Gina are a husband and wife team of occupational therapy providers.  They are also parents to three amazing children.  They love combining their professional expertise in childhood development and executive function difficulties with their love of the outdoors.  

Why work with us

We understand the challenges that executive functioning difficulties, poor emotional skills and difficulties with social skills can have on the child and the whole family.  We are focused on providing natural, activity based solutions to grow new skills and unlock each child's unique potential.

The Hive Mind Group Coaching

Join the waiting list for our next Hive Mind- a nature based parent support and learning coaching group to learn how to create activities for your child, the research behind the benefits of nature and how to build a strong foundation for your child to continue to grow their executive function skills throughout childhood.

The Lucky Ones Membership

The Lucky Ones is the perfect way to get support, training and weekly Guided Therapeutic Activities to help your child maximize their skills.

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From babies to big kids join us for our weekly topics on skill development and four seasonal challenges.

Meet Gina

Gina is mom,  Board Certified Hippotherapy Clinical Specialist and certified in Sensory Integration.  Gina has taught internationally, been a featured speaker at conferences and podcast guest.  She is a lifelong equestrian, nature lover and finds her happy place hiking and camping.  She loves supporting parents to find an all-natural way to help their kids grow and blossom.

Get to know Ryan

Ryan is an amazing dad, Marine Corps veteran, certified lifeguard and lover of all things water (the beach, kayaking, swimming, fly fishing and more).  He understands the challenges that many kids face from this own challenges in school as a child.  He is passionate about helping kids develop the skills they need to be successful at home and school.

Our Vision

We look forward to a world where all kids have access to the healing power of nature.  We see parents who are confident in helping their children through outdoor activities.  Families have the support they need and kids get to experience an amazing childhood in the great outdoors that empowers their strengths and builds their skills.


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