Deciding what to pack when camping with little ones can be challenging.  I have been stuck without infant Tylenol and also without splash boots after a rain storm.  I have also packed way to much and had to deal with climbing over it throughout the trip.  Neither is ideal.

In the article on LifeHacker- they provide a long list of stuff you may or may not need.  I have packed some of these things on some trips, but never all of these things.  Here is my favorites list for babies and toddlers:

  1. Rain gear- boots, coats, rain pants or Oakie suit.  It seems to rain a lot when we go camping.  Kids love playing outside in the rain and in the puddles after the rain.  Be sure to bring rain gear and keep your day clothes dry.
  2. A baby carrier or hiking pack.  We like to move a lot and get a hike or two in when we camp, so a hiking pack is a must.  However, even hanging around camp a baby carrier can be helpful in getting cooking done or naps on the go.
  3. We don't pack the toys, but we pack things that contribute to play.  This includes chalk, buckets and play silks or blankets to make forts.
  4. All the familiar sleep supports.  We want good sleep when camping, so the kids white noise, blanket or whatever they use at home must go.  Heck, we pack our own pillow for the grown-ups, so why pack the sleep supports for the kids too.
  5. Snacks and extra meals- It seems our family eat more than usual when camping.  So we now pack extra snacks and meals (quick ones that cook over the fire) so that we don't have hangry kids or a hangry mama.

Check out the LifeHacker list in the article below and let me know if you would pack "all the things".

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