Learning to camp with babies to big kids is a ever changing process.  It is a great way to explore the benefits of nature in an extended timeframe.  It gives us time to disconnect and be in the present moment.  In the article, " Basic Guide to Camping with Kids" they cover some gear recommendations, ideas about finding a site and activities that work well for kids.  You can read the article here:

Camping Gear

Camping great can range from a borrowed tent to a rented camper to get started.  Find out what works best for your family before making an expensive purchase.  The best gear is the gear that gets used.

Top Three Camping Tips

1. Pack more clothes and shoes than you think you will need.  I am minimalist by heart, but every camping trip we end of with wet and dirty clothes.

2. Make it two to three nights.  The first night is usually rough and 2-3 nights allows everyone to settle in.

3.  Choose what extras you will allow while camping that may be different than the rules at home, such as staying up later, eating marshmallows or playing with the camp ground kids.

Easy Camping Trips

Start small and close to home.  Really- go camping in your backyard or at a nearby state park.  It's much easier to work out the kinks in your backyard (or a friends) or 20 minutes from home.

Learn More

To learn more- have a little fun and take the quiz to learn about your child's unique outdoor style.  This is comprised of eight personality traits and four sensory styles.

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