For mamas who want all the benefits of outdoor time to unlock your child's potential.

Busy mamas, mamas of more than one kiddo, first time mamas and all the other mamas- nature is an amazing development booster for our children- it's free, easily accessible and available anytime.  It helps our children be more healthy, think more creatively, make friends and increases attention and independent play.  Here at Babies in the Great Outdoors we make outdoor time accessible from babies to big kids, so you can get all the benefits to help your child develop their thinking skils, independence and grow into a happy and healthy adult.  Are you in?

Gina Bunting


Everyday outside is a good day.

I wanted to find peace outdoors with my kids.  I knew the value of being outside in nature, but needed help using that to build my sons skills.  With my son, it took us awhile to find out rhythm, but he has become more independent at home and more calm at school.

Maxine Westen

Mom of two

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Become one of the Lucky Ones and get started on your journey to transform your child's development through nature. Weekly Guided Therapeutic Activities form the foundation for change in the year long program to develop better executive function skills.

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Learn highly effective way to help your child develop executive function skills, decrease anxiety and make friends through our specialized trainings.  Learn from experts about common outdoor challenges (like plant and snake identification) in our monthly discussion groups.

What real moms say...

Nature transformed my relationship with my son.  I now feel like I have the tools in nature to make our days better.

Janie Frances

I love knowing that I can support her development by getting a little daily outdoor time.


Braden was never an easy kid, not an easy baby or toddler.  We have learned to use our outdoor time to manage his feelings and sensory issues.

Stacey Hamlin

We love knowing that we can support each of our children in their development with daily outdoor time.  This had made such a difference to our family

PETER  and Maggie WESTON

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About Gina

Gina is a mom of three children, wife, pediatric occupational therapist, business owner and nature lover.  She helps families with children struggling wtih executive function, anxiety and social skills to leverage the power of nature to unlock their childs' potential.  She and her husband run a nature-based occupational therapy practice serving families in New Jersey.  In their spare time, Gina and the family love to camp, hike and travel around the world.

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